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Snapdeal: Zebronics Companion6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo @ Rs.670/- (33% OFF)
Price: Rs.999/-
Sale: Rs.670/- (33% OFF)

Zebronics is a reputed name in the sector of computer peripherals, and now they have come up with an incredible combo pack. Take a look at this Zebronics Companion6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo. It has everything that most computer users look for at an affordable price. You can even shop for the Zebronics Companion6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo online now at Snapdeal.

The Zebronics Companion6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo has an impressive ergonomic design and sleek in look. The dimensions of the product are 50.9 x 14 x 4.4 cm and it weighs only 544 g. Both the Zebronics mouse and the keyboard in the combo pack are black in colour.

Comfortable typing
The Zebronics Companion6 has an easy to type keyboard. Moreover, its keys are coated with UV resistant layer and will not be noisy at all while you type. The life span of the keys is 3 million hits.

Sturdiness/ Spill resistant design
Be it the keyboard or the mouse, both are quite strong and durable. You will also not have to worry about spilling water on them as they both are spill resistant.

Easy Setup
This Zebronics Companion6 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo are wireless in nature. The range of wireless connectivity is 10 meters. A USB is provided with the set that will help you in getting access just by plugging in the USB in the correct port.

Compatible OS
This Zebronics keyboard and mouse can be fitted to any tablet, laptop or computer and the operating systems that support them are Mac, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 8. So, no matter what system you are using, the set will surely be of use to you. Keeping all these things in mind, the Zebronics Companion6 price is a good deal that you can go for.

Additional Features
A sleep mode is provided that will help in saving the power consumption rate. The batter can be fitted from the top slot. Power indicators are also present on the keyboard.

[Image: SDL710628602_1.jpg]

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