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Snapdeal: Shopperbay Double Polyester Plain Foldable Mosquito Net - Blue @ Rs.799/- (64% OFF)
Price: Rs. 2,199
Sale: Rs. 799 (64% OFF)

Shopperbay mosquito net forms a protective barrier around people sleeping under it. It is designed and developed by the famous brand shopperbay . This mosquito net has been made while keeping utmost style and comfort in mind. It not only kills the mosquitoes, which carry the malaria parasite, and other insects, it also repels mosquitoes, reducing the number that enter the house and attempt to feed on people inside. Many educational campaigns around the world prove the effectiveness and benefits of using the shopperbay mosquito net. It is highly recommended by experts and environmentalists. It is 200x180cm enough to fit in two people confortably with pillows and comforter. It has net on floor as well to protect from all kinds of bugs.
[Image: Kawachi_Double_Bed_Size_Folding_SDL23144...-da601.jpg]

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