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Snapdeal: Fisher Price Baby Wipes 30 pieces Pack @ Rs. 52 (31% OFF)
Price: Rs. 75 
Sale: Rs. 52 (31% Off)
FREE Delivery

- Protect the skin of your baby from all kinds of germs by wiping it with this happy baby Wipes from the house of BRAND. 
- You can wipe the skin of your baby with these wipes and ensure that no dirt sticks to his or her skin. 
- The emollients of these wipes will moisturise the skin and keep it glowing for the whole time. 
- Giving your little one a fresh feeling, these wipes is a must have for everyone. 
- These wipes are pH neutral and as a result will not be hard against the skin of your child.
[Image: Fisher-Price-Happy-Baby-Wipes-SDL873034548-1-95bad.jpg]

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