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Snapdeal : Chef's Basket Introductory offer Flat 15% off
[Image: ChefsBasket_Old_CSF_20July.jpg]

Chef's Basket Dark and Mysterious Tiramisu Box - No Baking Required @ Rs.213/-
Delight your loved ones during dessert time with the recipe prepared with this pack of Chef's Basket Dark and Mysterious Tiramisu Box. Now it is easy to make your favourite dessert with this instant mix. It saves you the hassle of getting the right proportions of ingredients to prepare the recipe. This instant mix packet is absolutely free from any preservatives or added colours which rewards you with luscious, tender and aromatic dishes. Cherish the delectable taste of mouth watering dessert prepared from this instant mix which melts into your mouth. Become the dessert artist of your family as you make them fall in love with the chocolaty coffee dessert with Chef's Basket tiramisu kit. What is best about this Tiramisu Box is that it serves four and can be prepared within 15 minutes.

[Image: Chef-s-Basket-Dark-and-SDL383102149-1-32b19.jpg]

Chef's Basket Rich and Sinful Chocolate Trifle Box - No Baking Required @ Rs.213/-

[Image: Chef-s-Basket-Rich-and-SDL381404251-1-20ed3.jpg]

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