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Snapdeal: Blazon Subline Mini Air Conditioner Cooler Fan @ Rs. 750 (46% OFF)
Price: Rs. 1,400 
Sale: Rs. 750 (46% OFF) 
FREE Delivery

Blazon Digital Media Resents Their All New Mini Air Conditional Cooler Fan.personal Fan With Evaporative Cooling More Than Just A Fan. Handy Cooler Is A Small Personal Cooling Device That Is Packed With Plenty Of Fantastic Features You Would Never Expect From A Small Personal Fan. We Bring You An Ergonomic, Practical And User-friendly Handheld Partner That Improves Your Everyday Life. Large Intake Surface. High Efficiency Grill Designed To Suck Hot Air In And Cool It Down All At Once. Usb Power Compatible. Plug It Into Your Laptop Or Pc For Non-stop Cooling. Turn Handy Cooler Into A Desktop Air Conditioner Without Requiring Batteries. Personal And Portable. Sleek And Light Weight Body With Easy Access To The Cooling Filter.always Buy From Blazon Digital Media On Snapdeal For Your 100% Original And Genuine Buy.
[Image: Blazon-Subline-6-Blazon-Subline-SDL29467...-5c046.jpg]

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