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Read Before Posting
Hello and Dil Se Welcome to DealsDilSe, this is a daily blog, that is free and user driven. All members are requested and expected to follow these Rules/Regulations before they start posting as well as browsing and commenting on this forum.

      •  This is a community.Anti-social, discriminative and unnecessary remarks will not be tolerated.Please respect each 
          other and help us to maintain a healthy and friendly atmosphere.

      •  Topics posted in the wrong section may be removed or shifted to the correct section.

      •  When posting a new Deal , Title should have Product Name , complete price and the name of the store. And in
          the Deal , please try to give maximum details as possible like Product description , link of the deal , picture of the
          product , price comparisons , personal experience with the site , etc. 

      •  Always use Search tool to find existing threads on the same topic before opening a new thread. Refrain from
          opening duplicate threads or re-post for that deal.

      •  Affiliate links are strictly not allowed.Spam such as referral links and money-making schemes will result in a Ban.

      •  Creating duplicate fake accounts or clones are strictly prohibited.

      •  Self promotion is not allowed until and unless it is valuable to the community, even then, please contact any of 
         our Moderators before posting.

      •  Posting copyright contents is strictly prohibited.

      •  Please refrain from copying deals from other forums.Honesty and integrity is highly appreciated in our forum,your
         creativity in searching and posting deals would be rewarded.

      •  Promotion of deals to the Home Page depends upon the choice of our Expert team and no questions or arguments
         will be entertained.

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