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Port Blair - Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Corbyn's Cove Road, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands - India

[Image: IMG_20160517_WA0003.jpg]
photo is looking very nice.
however looks like there is a large trunk without branches ..

we have two coconut trees at home - about 38 years ago my mother planted them.
unfortunately we have to cut them down Sad
as there is a danger of falling on neighbors home(s) / road by passers /
electrical lanes / vehicles parked near our home ..
Nice click Jit......hope to visit your place soon. Smile

@ laya.....too bad we had to cut those two trees. We also have a few coconut trees infront of my house, will post a pic tomorrow.
Near Velodrome, Backside of Girls School
[Image: Near_Velodrum.jpg]

View of Ross Island from Marina Park
[Image: Marina_Park.jpg]

Jogger's Park
[Image: Joggers_Park.jpg]

Front side of Science Centre, Corbyn's Cove Road
[Image: Front_of_Science_Centre.jpg]
^ I wish to live in such beautiful nature .. far away from the concrete jungle ..
Nice pics Jit, awesome, hope to visit your place soooooooooon.
A rainy day in Port Blair - 6th June 2016

[Image: IMG_20160608_WA0006.jpg]
Aha this place is awesome

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