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Nestle Everyday Ghee 1 L @ Rs.332/- (After Cashback) - paytmmall
Offer Price: Rs.332/- (After Cashback)
Mrp: Rs.475/-
Use Coupon Code BUYSINGLES and Save Rs.143/-
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[Image: a_0..jpg?imwidth=320&impolicy=hq]

Packaged using processes to retain the flavour and aroma
Rich aroma and taste
Lends itself beautifully to varied Indian cuisines
A must have in all Indian households

Nestl EVERYDAY Ghee is the result of continuing efforts by Nestl to bring to you great tasting and convenient dairy products. As a part of which, Nestl has helped develop the dairy industry and has benefitted over 1,00,000 farmers and 66,000 women in villages by educating them in good dairy farming practices. So, each time you savour the delicious taste of food made with nestle everyday ghee, you are not the only one who smiles. Moreover, Nestl EVERYDAY Ghee, when consumed as a part of your daily balanced diet and active lifestyle, helps meet the body s energy requirement through Fat. Nestle ghee is specially packaged to retain its flavour and aroma, so when used in preparations, it can also enhance the taste and flavour of food, making it a must have in all Indian households.
Now Rs.275/- using coupon ONCEAMONTH

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