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MT Axxis Helmet Review
Hey Guys, Today I will review the MT Axxis helmet (MT is a company based in Spain) . I brought the medium sized Limited Evo (White) which I have been using for the past 1000kms. I got the lid from Head Gear, Chennai and was shipped to my address using Professional couriers. One can also purchase this lid from the official seller's of MT Helmets in India i.e Spartan Pro Gear .The helmet costs Rs 4150 + 500 shipping.

[Image: 191980d1442290832-mt-axxis-helmet-review...7-copy.jpg]

Helmet Exterior:

The helmet looks study and the finish is great, comes with 9 vents (3 inlets and 6 outlets) which provide adequate ventilation when riding at 50+ speeds. The helmet weighs 1450-1550 grams and is heavier when compared to ISI hologram helmets. But, despite the weight, it doesn’t strain the neck. The helmet is slightly on the bulkier side for slim build people. MT claims that the visor is scratch resistant however, the visor scratches against the outer shell just above the rubber seal on both sides. So taking care of the visor after every day ride is a must. The aerodynamics of the lid is pretty good too with no vertical movement at high speeds but does take a significant hit in heavy crosswinds.

[Image: 191981d1442290920-mt-axxis-helmet-review...8-copy.jpg]

[Image: 191982d1442290932-mt-axxis-helmet-review...9-copy.jpg]

The lid is ECE R22.05 (
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and DOT (Department of Transport, USA) certified. ECE and DOT are international trend setters in safety standards and way way above the ISI standards.  The Helmet comes with The D-ring retention system is tricky to use initially but is far better in safety than the quick release retention system used in  Indian brands.


The padding felt a bit too tight initially but after a couple of days use it was a perfect fit. The cheek pads can be removed and washed. Noise levels are low till 70kmph and manageable till 100kmph. The padding does keep out a lot surrounding sounds including the phones ringtone. The breath defector decreases the field of visor slightly but helps in keeping the helmet from fogging up. It did fog up occasionally during heavy rainfall rides. The visor is optically correct. The chin guard keeps the noise level down considerably. 

[Image: 191984d1442291001-mt-axxis-helmet-review...4-copy.jpg]


Overall, It's a great value for money Helmet. It’s an ideal lid for people who want to upgrade from the Indian brands because of the safety and quality provided by MT. Since, it’s sold only in the official SPG outlets across the nation, and Since, The helmets are Made in SPAIN (not china) and Imported
here one doesn't have worry about the genuineness.

original post on 29-09-2015 @
vu.....nice review

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