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Hindware Calisto 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier @ Rs.7199
Offer Price Rs.7199/-
MRP: Rs.14990/-


Electrical & Storage : Electric purification - suitable for areas with water shortage
7 L : More the capacity, more the users can be served with drinking water
RO + UV + UF : Uses many filters to remove salts & microbes in multiple stages

Bring home this Hindware Calisto Water Purifier to get easy access to safe, pure and healthy drinking water. Its 6 Stage Water Purification Process and Ultrafine Sediment Filter help in effectively removing impurities to provide RO+UV+UF purified drinking water. Additionally, the Adsorbent Pre-carbon Filter and Germ Eliminator UV Technology eliminate unwanted odours and chemicals from the water and remove disease-causing harmful bacteria and viruses, making the water extremely safe for consumption.

Product Description
Clean and pure drinking water is not hard to come by if you have the Hindware Calisto 7 L water purifier at home. Equipped with a 6 Stage Water Purification Process that provides 100% RO+UV+UF purified drinking water and a Smart LED Indicator interface for Power, Purification and Tank Full indication that let you know the current stage in the water purification process, this water purifier ensures that there is always safe and healthy drinking water at home. This water purifier also comes with a magnet assisted detachable front cover which can be accessed by just opening the single screw placed at the bottom of the machine, making it convenient and easily serviceable.

[Image: hindware-calisto-original-imaf7f9gpwgcr6gb.jpeg?q=70]

Ultrafine Sediment Filter
Water straight from the tap may often comprise some impurities, such as turbidity, dissolved mud, soil particles, etc. Consumption of these impurities can often prove to be hazardous to one's health. To keep your water free from such impurities, this water purifier comprises an Ultrafine Sediment Filter which is effective in removing these micro and fine impurities.
[Image: hindware-calisto-original-imaf7nxxthyxhp78.jpeg?q=90]

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