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[HPD] : Snapdeal: Eureka Forbes 4 Ltr Nano Aquasure RO Water Purifier @ Rs.6,999/- (33% OFF)
Price: Rs.10,499/-
Sale: Rs.6,999/- (33% OFF)

Is your family falling sick frequently as a result of drinking water straight from the tap? If yes, take a look at the Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO water purifier brought to you by Snapdeal. It not only helps in purifying the water but also makes sure it is safe and clean for drinking. It removes physical and chemical impurities from water and protects you and your family from water borne diseases. This energy saving water purifier comes with a warranty of one year and is easily available at a nominal price. It is recommended for salty, khaara or brackish water and can be easily mounted on the wall or kept on the table top for convenient usage.

5 Purification Technology
Using RO technology, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO water purifier cleans water in 5 stages using electricity. With a water flow rate of 2 Litres per minute, the molecules flow from a lower region to a higher region and removes unwanted salt and impurities leaving behind salt and pure drinking water.

Advanced Alert System
This durable water purifier with an energy saving function turns off the power automatically when the tank is full. With the help of built-in voltage stabiliser it works on purifying the water even during water and power cuts.

90 per cent TDS Reduction
This highly efficient water purifier ensures that impurities such as salts, minerals are dissolved in the water. The pressure of water is used to push it across the membrane and total dissolved solids of 500-2000 ppm are dissolved with a filtration capacity of 12 L/hr. With a power consumption of 35 watt and an input voltage of 230 V, the water recovery is approximately 25 % and the impurities are left behind in the membrane leaving the water soft and clean to drink.

Purification Capacity
Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO water purifier comes with a purification capacity of 12 litres and has an in-built voltage stabiliser that makes sure that the voltage fluctuations have no outcome on the performance.

Storage Capacity
A storage capacity of 4 litres is available with this reliable purifier and if there is no continuous operation for ten minutes, it goes into energy saving mode.

Engineering Grade Plastic Body
Made up of high-grade ABS plastic, Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO water purifier has a net weight of 7.1 kg and dimensions measuring 28.1*19.8*41.3 cm. Its compact and simple design makes it easier to carry from one place to another and will make a great addition to your kitchen.

[Image: Eureka-Forbes-4-Ltr-Nano-1241919-1-f0281.jpg]

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