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[HPD] : Flipkart: iPro IP35 For Smartphones & Tablets IPRO 10000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs.499/-
MRP: Rs.2,799/-
Offer Price: Rs.499/-
Buy Now:

Watching videos on a smartphone is probably one of the best ways to kill boredom while travelling on a bus. Though, what happens when your smartphone is about to die? In such cases, you can use this power bank to quickly charge your smartphone so you can get back to watching entertaining videos.
Power Output

[Image: ip35-for-smartphones-tablets-ipro-ipro-4....jpeg?q=90]

Thanks to a power output of 10000 mAh, you can use this power bank to charge your smartphone or tablet back to 100 per cent of its capacity when it’s on the verge of dying.
It weighs 350 grams, so you can comfortably carry it in your pocket or bag.

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