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[HPD] : Amazon: SteelSeries The SIMs 4 Gaming Headset 51161@ Rs.499/-
MRP: Rs.3,999/-
Offer Price: Rs.499/-
Buy Now:

[Image: 41qt9Q6n-bL._SL1000_.jpg]
   Sims 4 Integration and Customization
   Plumbobs on each side of the headset light up, pulsate and shift color depending on Sim's emotional state
   Detailed and crisp in-game audio ensures you hear everything the Sims has to offer
   A cloth headband and soft ear cushions offer long-lasting comfort
   The headset's lightweight, on-ear design makes it easy to wear for hours and hours
   Integrated microphone is built right into the headset and also provides a quick mute button
   Plug in and play right away via the USB connection for PC and Mac, or tweak the headset's lighting options when not in game with SteelSeries Engine 3

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