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CoolWinks: Big Offer with Big Saving - 100% CoolCash Offer
Offer Link

Terms & Conditions:
100% payment through CoolCash available in case of Prepaid orders only.
Max coolcash allowed in single txn is 1000 for all scenario

CoolCash Usage Rules :

[Image: WWq904k.jpg]

*Net price = MRP – discounts(including coupon discount)
The maximum amount a customer can use to pay from Coolwallet is Rs.1000.At any point of time, if Coolwinks finds that the offer has been misused by a customer by falsifying the email or mobile no, Coolwinks will cancel the order and no refund will be paid.Returns are allowed under this offer. And, in case a customer returns the product or fails to accept the product, delivery charges of Rs.150 will be deducted from the refund value.Coolwinks reserves the right to change the terms of the offer or the burn condition anytime without prior notice.Above Offer is valid till 16th August 2017(mid night), post which burn condition or maximum value or both can change.

[Image: hm_bnr_clcash_16aug.jpg]

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