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Bright Flame Healthy Air Fryer 3.2 L @ Rs.4,499/- - Amazon
[Image: 61-K5YJ7d8L._SL1500_.jpg]

MRP : Rs.9,999/-
Offer Price : Rs.4,499/-
Deal Link :

3.2 Lts Food Basket
Double Protection Latch to detach Food Basket
30 Min Timer to Prevent Food Burn
Auspicious White Color
1350 Watts Copper Winded Motor

Advantages of Bright Flame Air Fryer. 1. White Instead of Black: White is considered to be Auspicious and Pure as compared to Black. Bright Flame Healthy Air Fryer comes only in White Colour. 2. Five Heating Coils as Compared to 3 Heating Coils in Other Competitors: Five coils enables the food to be evenly cooked from all sides as compared to Three Coils which focuses only on the Middle part of the Device leaving the food cooked unevenly. 3. Release Cover for Food Basket: While you pull the Food Tray out it comes out along with the Oil Collector. In absence of the Lock there are always chances to the Lock getting released unintentionally and the Oil Collector Falls causing unwanted Accident. 4. Safety Features: a. In Build Power Stabilizer: Protects the unit for any abnormal power Surge b. Thermostat Control Protection for any Mishandling / Child Use : In case of excessive heat being generated due to incorrect temperature selecting resulting the food getting burnt the Thermostat Control will automatically shut down the unit to prevent from unwanted Fire Hazards 5. Metal Base Food Basket: Bright Flame Healthy Fryer is made of Full Metal (Single Piece) resulting into long life instead of Stainless Steel Net Base with other Competition. This helps in the following: i. Saving the recurring cost of replacing the Net every 6 - 8 months. ii. Food does not get stuck in the Metal Base Basket as compared to other Brands using Net Based Base making cleaning of the same easier. 6. Copper Binding Heavy Duty Motor: Bright Flame Healthy Air Fryer comes with Copper binding 1350 watts Motor which is the heaviest in its category. 7. Product Weight: Bright Flame Healthy Air Fryer weights 6Kgs which itself defines the Quality of the materials used in making the product.

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